3D Printer Companies Make an Excellent Stock Investment

——– Educational Outreach by 3D Systems ——It turns out, not only do 3D printers capture the imagination as far as home printers turning individual designs into reality, but manufacturers of 3D printers turn out to be a great stock investment! 3D Systems, among other 3D printer manufacturers, have been singled out in the news as up-and-coming stocks which should yield a great return on investment. That is, they have the type of growth which is appealing to emerging trend stock investors, starting off with good fundamentals, and increasing in sales as the tech becomes popular. Here are some sample discussions heard on the internet:

We looked at the Industrial Machinery industry and measured relative performance to find the top stocks. Relative outperformance is a bullish sign of underlying fundamental and technical strength. We look at yesterday’s price action of all companies in this peer group.

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) ranks first with a gain of 1.66%; ITT (NYSE:ITT) ranks second with a gain of 0.66%; and Watts Water Technologies (NYSE:WTS) ranks third with a loss of 0.42%
- Best Relative Performance in the Industrial Machinery Industry Detected in Shares of 3D Systems (DDD, ITT, WTS, SWK, KMT)

The other [smaller-cap stock] is maybe a little bit more sexy, a little bit more interesting. It is more of a technology company, and that is something called 3D Systems (DDD). They can make models from a computer-generated diagram. So if you can conceive of it, you can build this model.
So, think about a car designer. Ford (F), for next year, is trying to come out with a newly-oriented design. They need to make sure that it can be sent to the engineers and then replicated. 3-D is able to do that in an hour’s time…make a model of that car so that it can be sent to the factory for production.
- 4 Hot Picks from a Small-Cap Manager

Interesting point in the above article is that:

If you buy smaller-cap stocks, you have got a possibility that those things can grow and those things can grow into household names, and also ultimately, you have somebody that buys those out.

If you buy the larger-cap stocks of the world, you are not able to realize the investment growth that you can in the smaller-cap stocks.

So, 3D Systems is one of those.

3D Systems (DDD)
DDD has been building 3D printers for 25 years, and I’ve been following them almost that long—but never recommended them before.

They can print plastic, metal, or composites, and they have a broad range of printers from personal to production. They have a $900 million market capitalization, less than $8 million in debt, and over $79 million in cash.
- 2 Stocks on Tech’s Unbelievable Edge

3D Systems Corporation has an earnings-per-share forecast of 0.81 in 2012 and 0.94 in 2013 . . . 3D Systems Corporation purchased RenShape stereo lithography . . . 3D Systems Corporation should not have any trouble digesting the acquisition because their technologies are very compatible; moreover, the purchase will augment the company’s intellectual property portfolio. The company expects the purchase to be immediately profitable.- 5 Tech Stocks With Potential To Outperform In 2012

So, little ole 3D Systems is considered a small cap with ENORMOUS upside potential, and is an attractive early entry invesment stock!

Here is the website: 3D Systems Nice website, too! :)