Consolidations to Take Place

Nvidia to acquire Icera, give Qualcomm a run for its money

Icera makes baseband chips, and Nvidia makes application processors. The merger will allow Nvidea to offer both on one cpu to OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer – customers. That means, Nvidia can supply the smartphone and tablet industry, so we can watch live dtv on tablets and use smartphones to tap to pay when checking out. But I am never going to tap to pay with a mobile device – I think that’s bad news. Maybe in Japan where people can be trusted , but not in the US, where organized criminals rule! Sorry! :)

Mobilel DTV depends on IP-based mobile baseband signals, which support streaming and fixed delivery. NFC requires baseband signals. The article notes, “Intel snapped up Infineon’s wireless business a few months back, and Renesas acquired Nokia’s baseband technology . . . GCT and Sequans are now prime targets of acquisition for the likes of Texas Instruments and Marvell.”

Guess some consolidations are going to take place!