Success of

In previous articles, I mentioned the Watchtower Society’s online offerings of Bible-based publications, as they became available at former download site,, while the main official website was accessible at the domain, – in desktop format, and the media site at With an eye to trends in mobile, the Watchtower Society consolidated the three websites to, a two-letter dot org, which is easy to remember and easy to type into the small keypad of a mobile device. Then, the design was updated to a responsive template, to adapt to every screen size! It is a beautiful, IMO!

The Watchtower Society kept adding features, such as videos for teens, and interactive lesson for young children, besides coloring pages in black and white, which can be downloaded, teaching Bible stories. There are plenty of articles for parents and single people. has taken a prime spot in the dissemination of Bible educational materials the world over. Some stats mentioned by Mark Sanderson of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses at an international convention in Indianapolis over the weekend [July 11th-13th, 2014], which I had the privilege of listening to and watching the video stream of his talk, which took place when my convention in Long Beach, California was hooked in, are:

    June 2014
  • is available in 428 languages
    May 2014
  • there were 50,000,000 visitors to
  • the visitors were from 238 different countries
  • 20 million publications were downloaded
  • 35 million audio files were listened to
  • There were 5,000 Bible study requests, which averages 168/day

The emphasis the Watchtower Society has given to its website by consolidating to the short url,, by showcasing the educational materials and news beautifully and efficiently on a responsive theme organized to load fast on any screen, by adding delightful videos and interactive lessons for children and parents, has been effective! With the popularity of cell phones, 2.4 billion people around the world have access to the internet. Even in countries where the work is under ban, citizens may be able to access, where God’s directive for his human creation via the Bible is showcased. Many interested ones will enjoy the tasteful graphics and illustrations, while taking in Bible knowledge in text format, in audio format, and via sign language videos! Dear Reader, I am sure you join me in saying, “thank you!” to the volunteers who worked hard on, and to the Lord who guided its production!