Watchtower Online Library

Volunteers at the Watchtower Society in Brooklyn have exceeded our wildest expectations again! Thank you, volunteers! The latest offering to the public and to Jehovah’s Witnesses is a mobile-friendly online resource for many Bible-based publications going back twelve years, along with daily text with scriptural thought (for us who like to start our day on a spiritual note!), and pop up scriptures on mouse rollover for easy studying of the Watchtower. Thank you, Jehovah!

Check it here:

There are so many facets to the new library, that it is hard to cover them in one shot. And, the site isn’t complete, yet. It has a tentative completion date of September, 2012 . . . Let’s visit, and I’ll share some favorite features. You do your own exploring, as well!

First of all, there is a link on the already famous download site of, right on the landing page. Scroll down for the link to the Watchtower Online Library, in the center of the page. So, all you need to know for the time being is But, the url for the library, if you can remember that much, is:, which subdomain is the abbreviation for, Watchtower Online Library, or “wol.”

2. The homepage of the Watchtower Online Library presents a uncluttered interface in pastel shades of blue, with a simple welcome message on the left, and the current Daily Text right on the landing page! The template is responsive, which means it resizes to the screen you are looking at, whether ereader, tablet, or phone. Here is the view on mobile:

Of course, if you’re reading this on a mobile device, you already see how it appears! Or, you can click the “mobile” link in the footer, to experience the site in true mobile. There are four icons across the top: (1) the tower icon is the “Home” button, to bring you back to the homepage of the online library; (2) Bible icon, brings up a list style set of links to each book of the Bible; (3) Publications icon which leads to a list of current publications available on the online library, and (4) My Favorite! the Daily Text icon.

The Daily Text, a scriptural thought for the day, appears on loading of the page. On the mobile site, the icons or navigation appears at the top, and under that a search bar. Under that is the graphic for the header, or logo for the Watchtower Online Library. Directly under that appears the current, Daily Text. It is a quoted scripture, with brief discussion that follows on the quoted scripture and its meaning and practical application for us, taken from the Watchtower, which is referenced at the bottom. Today’s “text” for the scripture, “Father, glorify your name.”—John 12:28, is taken from the Watchtower of August 15th, 2010, the first study article, paragraph 14. If you are viewing the library homepage on desktop, as I am, you can roll over the reference, “w10 8/15 1:14,” with the mouse, and the referenced paragraph appears in a php popup window! Cool beans!

Jesus said, “I have many things yet to say to YOU, but YOU are not able to bear them at present.” John 16:12. Thank you, Jehovah God, for the new Online Watchtower Library! I am not “able to bear” all the wonderfulness of this gift all at once, right now, here. Just one feature I would like to highlight . . . Click the last icon at the top, the “daily text,” icon, to reveal the daily text, weekly Bible reading, and the Watchtower study article for that week. When you open the Watchtower article, you are able to mouse over the cited scriptures, and read them without opening a separate page.

That is all I have for you now. When the announcement of the Watchtower Online Library becomes official, many more facets of it will likely be brought out! Share your favorite features in the comments, if you like!