Welcome Mobile Users to Your Site

Facets of mobile visibility include domain, page load speed, responsive design, and SEO.

The Domain King is right! Domainers are right! Dot com is king.

Screenshot of iPhone Virtual Keyboard for the web browser ↑
Who would have thought when, Are Apps The Biggest ThreatsTo Domains? appeared on theDomains, that Apple and Barnes & Noble would promote dot com?

Short is better.
My fingers keep hitting the wrong key on the tiny iPhone keyboard, so I tried tapping with fingernails for precision, but the capacitive touch screen won’t register fingernail taps.

As with desktop, short is easier to type.

Barnes & Noble ==> BN.com
Facebook ==> FB.com
Watchtower.org ==> JW.org
AmericanEagleOutfitters ==> AE.com
Quartz ==> QZ.com
Viking River Cruises ==> VRC.com
Proctor and Gamble ==> PG.com
Wall Street Journal ==> WSJ.com
TechnicalCocktail ==> Tech.co

Page Load Speed
Mobile bandwidth is a delicate thread which links the mobile user to your site. Hear what Walmart Labs’ engineers Cliff Crocker and Aaron Kulick have to say:

Mobile carriers do all kinds of crazy proxies & reverse proxies, fudge DNS to openly cheat the system in an attempt to accelerate data in the interest of their customers, trying to preserve the amount of bandwidth they’re trying to ship . . . Every request on mobile web is expensive . . . Mobile browsing is extremely difficult.

Walmart Labs got in the ring with its executives and marketing department, to cut back the beacons, cookies, widgets, real user monitoring holding everything up! If Walmart did it, so should you.

This CNBC segment highlights the importance mobile website speed:

Walmart Labs’ Pointers for Speed:
1. Don’t be as free – sloppy! – with design on smartphone and tablet, as on the web.
2. Element Count: 10 or less for new http requests per page
3. Avoid redirection.
4. Limit DNS lookups – except http to https – to one per page.
5. Measure first. Create a structural performance management process.

Responsive Design
Emerging Domains haved switched desktop themes to responsive web design themes, highlighted here:
Announcing ResponsiveWebDesignExamplesdotCOM
Try one of the free responsive themes reviewed here!
In 2013, a beta test of responsive ads will roll out on developed Emerging Domains. Results should be out in six months.

Have non-duplicate original text near the top so the engine can see it. “Be interesting,” advises Google’s head of Webspam Team, Matt Cutts.

To recap

  • Keep visitors from abandoning your site by being fast!
  • Try a responsive theme which fits every screen size.
  • Proper SEO with original non-duplicate text goes a long way.
  • A short domain is better, no matter what the extension!
  • Dot com is best.

Why not create a one-page site free of analytics and counters, no meta description or keywords, and with text written in your own words? One which will adapt to all screen sizes using one of the free responsive themes at Responsive Web Design Examples .com? Try it!

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